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Women More Likely to Snoop Than Men
Apr 25, 2013

In the new film, Little Black Book, Brittany Murphy's character engages in some high-tech snooping on her new boyfriend. Based on this scenario, an online dating service, asked its members: Have you ever snooped on your partner? Women were more likely than men to snoop with 30 percent admitting to doing it "once or twice" compared to 25 percent of men. A bigger gap opened among those who answered "That's not my style". This was the choice of 34 percent of men compared to only 20 percent of women.

The justification for women to snoop however, could stem from the fact that 22 percent of them answered: "I have snooped, and found out information that ended the relationship." Only 14 percent of men chose the same answer. More men, 21 percent, than women, 16 percent, admitted to being tempted to snoop but not going through with it. The remaining 12 percent of women and 7 percent of men answered: "I regularly go undercover. You never know what you might find."

"The results show that when women's intuition meets distrust, relationships can be put into jeopardy", said Brenda Ross, relationship advisor for "We also have to realize that many people snoop when they already suspect their partners are up to no good", she added.